Monday, February 21, 2011

._. I'm Sorry


And I apologise...
I didn't think that the end of grade 10 would be so full of work and stress ;__;

So to fill you in on what has been happening, for the past...AGES. A couple of months, at least.

-School holidays were good....didn't do that much, just hung out with friends etc. Got more art done :3

-Christmas xD was good, got a chocolate fondue and many other things ^^

-New school. Grade 11. Elizabeth College, I am writing this waiting for my next class. I have only been here for....2 days? So yeah it is all very new and big, but I managed to find some people to hang around with...eating buddies <3

-Playing with Manga Studio EX4, and Paint Tool SAI at the moment, did a full piece in Manga Studio EX 4 (MSEX4) the other day ....I'm using my Wacom Bamboo Fun Touch & Pen tablet a lot more now that I have a:

-NEW LAPTOP. I have needed one for AGES. So goodbye to my old clunky PC, I now have a Compaq Presario laptop, which is LOVELY <3 Sooo much faster than my desktop, my desktop had 312MB of RAM, and this one has 2 GB <3

I will be moving all of my Art of the Day posts to a separate Art of the Day blog, so stay posted for the link to that.

Oh and, I am planning on creating a blog to showcase my artwork. ^^

Thats all for now, sorry it is so vague ._.


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