Sunday, October 17, 2010


So sometimes I will just post things that I think are cute or funny pictures. here is one for today, this was found by April, she is always using the *facepalm* notion in skype conversations and in her forum posting.  


I found this yesterday when I was looking on Google images trying to find a picture of a rice filled bear that you microwave as a heat pack (heh, my friend April didn't know what I was talking about when I told her I filled a sock with rice to microwave it to keep me warm, so I was trying to find her an example) , and THIS came up, and I was all "OMG ITS SO CUTE!!!" :

ITS THE MOST GORGEOUS BABY EVER! And look at it eating rice <3 <3 <3 

April's reaction to this picture was "ITS SO MESSY....My OCD is kicking in". Heh, typical April. 
But I think it is just gorgeous. I would let it be as messy as it wants xD

Super Junior Discovery (Korean Boys Band)

So for a while now I have liked "K-pop" or in other words "Korean Pop Music". My interest in this genre of music started off when I discovered an actor and singer, Rain (also knowns as Rain Bi, or Bi Rain). He was very attractive and I loved his music xD. And then gradually I found another band called SHINee which was more of a "Boy Band". SHINee has five members, so it was quite different to the single artist Rain. After I discovered SHINee I then sparked a curiosity to investigate further and I looked up other Korean boy bands. Thats when I came across BEAST/B2ST , 2PM , MBLAQ and Super Junior. Although I didnt really get into Super Junior or the others as far as knowing the band members, I just listened and enjoyed their music.

So today, I watched a video on YouTube of one of super Juniors live concerts of their song "No Other", and I managed to narrow down my two favorite members from watching that video. I didn't actually know any of their names, but I got my best friend who isn't so noobish as me to tell me what their names were based on what time in the video my favorite member was performing in center stage.

The two I narrowed it down to are called Siwon and Kyuhyun. And then i saw this picture of Siwon and BAM....i was totally gone, how could i RESIST?! :

And so now I have officially discovered who my favorite member is ^^ And I think I chose well xD Oh and here is the video of the live concert that I watched to be able to determine my favorite member: 

To watch in high definition click here

Art of the Day #3

(click image to view full size) 

This photographic art titled "It's tea time now" is a piece by kaneko-yue, displayed on Deviantart.  The artists states "Some tiny cute things I bought at Bat Trang, Ha Noi, Viet Nam."
I love this picture so much, it is adorable. The lighting and the angles this tiny tea set is placed in make the shot really cute and beautiful. The delicate, fadey effect does wonders to the composition. And then the typography going across the middle, is a lovely touch and in the perfect position. 
This tea set must be so tiny! The background is really excellent, just those blurry light splodges work wonders and helps to bring out the focus on the tea set more. Overall this is a really cute piece, and really well thought out and executed. 
Well done to kaneko-yue, keep up the amazing work <3 And here you can find the link to the original in Deviantart, and you can view kaneko-yue's other works to: Link to original in Deviantart

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Art of the Day #2

(click image to view full size)

This work, titled "Celestial Fruit" is an artwork created in oc and Photoshop by artist minix on Deviantart. 
I came across this piece while randomly browsing Deviantart and I was so drawn to it. I had a really good look and was absolutely amazed. This piece has such a wonderful 'warm' feeling to it, and a lovely atmosphere. The concept is very original, and I really wish I had a huge canvas painting of it to hang on my wall. The colour, lighting and tones used really give this piece such a nice vibe. I feel really happy when I look at this! 

The woman is really beautiful, and my personal impression of this is of a woman who is one with nature and really welcoming. And the fruits in the bowl, because they are over her stomach gives me a feeling like perhaps they are twin babies she is pregnant with. 

The artist's impression of this artwork is as follows: "I was trying to capture that moment when someone suddenly appears in your field of vision and you can really only see their silhouette because your eyes haven't dark-adapted yet. That kind of mysterious, disorienting feeling when you want to see more, but your eyes just won't let you." 

This is a truly brilliant piece of work and I wish minix the best of luck in the future with creating more original and beautiful pieces . Here is the link to the original image in Deviantart, and you can also view minix's other works: Link to original in Deviantart

Friday, October 15, 2010

Art of the Day #1

(click image to view full size)

Well, this is my first Art of the Day entry! 
Here we have the cosplay photo called "Double Trouble", a cosplay of Jessie and James from Pokemon's Team Rocket. This is by cosplayers Malro-Doll and Ryoko, with the picture being displayed by Malro-Doll on Deviantart. I found this piece while looking for interesting cosplay pics on Deviantart, and was absolutely amazed by this! 
Honestly, I was showing all my friends this and they were all "WOW" about it to. It is truly one of the best cosplays I have ever seen. What makes this cosplay so good is the detail in the costumes (especially the wigs) and the lighting when this photo was taken. I am sure that this cosplay sets the utmost standard for  Jessie and James cosplay, I doubt anyone could do any better than this. A fantastic, well thought out cosplay piece, with absolutely no flaws and wonderful cosplay creation. 
Here is the original link to the image on Deviantart, where you can also view Malro-Doll's other pictures of this brilliant Team Rocket cosplay: Link to original in Deviantart

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Art of the Day"

Introducing, my new idea! To have a new artwork or picture each day that I write about what I like about it and where I found it etc. For anyone with a deviantart account, feel free to contact me in regards to if you would like me to display one of your works on my blog as an Art of the Day. 

I am looking forward to sharing all the gorgeous artworks I love and pictures I adore! <3