Saturday, September 18, 2010

Osh D:

Its been waaay to long since I last posted...
Well, since then, lets see..
I joined the anime/manga networking site called Otaku Zone, its ok-ish. I actually visited Mangafox again, haven't been there in ages. 
I am also wondering what the heck all the interest in Twitter is? I mean REALLY. We dont WANT TO KNOW when a celebrity is using the TOILET >_> Yes, I find twitter pointless to say the least. 

Bf is on the mainland starts again on Monday and i am REALLY not looking forward to it. I still have a head cold which just doesnt seem to leave....
I decided to cook a really HEALTHY LOOKING cake in an attempt to not need to share it with all 5 of my brothers....HEH. Fat chance that was, I guess there is no getting past the appetites of 5 growing boys (woah, i just sounded like a granny then...."growing boys" wtf IS that O_o). So yeah the cake will be devoured pretty quickly I reckon. 
Im loving the song "Let me love you" by Mario atm....perhaps jsut because my Bf said he thinks about me when he listens to it <3 *girly mushiness alert*. 
I am behind on a lot of assignments, and procrastinating all of them thoroughly.... 

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