Monday, July 12, 2010

Speech Night Dress Hunting....OLD STYLE!

I have begun the search for a dress to wear to my end of year "formal" (actually it is called speech night, and it is our schools version of a formal for the grade 10 leavers).

But i don't want one of those typical run-off-the-mill dresses made out of shiny material that all the girls wear. None of those tarty, cheap looking taffeta dresses from all those fashion outlets that are always featured in soppy girls magazines like Cosmo and Girlfriend *SPEWS*. I want something DIFFERENT and UNIQUE that i will actually remember. 
So, i decided to have a VICTORIAN ERA STYLE DRESS :D .
My Oma makes lots of awesome funky shabby chic dresses out of doilies and lace and random stuff, and she has recently exhibited in galleries her clothes, or rather, altered couture.
So i am planning to ask her to make me a dress, and Mum said if i supply her with a pattern and material, me mum and oma can make me a great old style formal dress that will really be unique and blow people away <3

I am looking forward to it! ^^ (and i also tried on mums wedding dress and HER formal dress, lol, the sleeves were to short and my chest wouldn't fit, hahaha)

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