Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Haircut! :D

So tomorrow I am getting a new haircut! I have not had a haircut in 1 and a half years, as I was growing it out fore my grade 10 Leavers Dinner. 


So I wanted a Digital Perm at the "Hair Korea" hairdresser (its an Asian salon). But after going in and asking if I could have the perm, the male Korean stylist said that he has never done the perm on CAUCASIAN hair before =_= He said he didn't know what would happen if we did it, as my hair isn't the same fiber as Asian hair >_> He said it might MELT....
I emailed this salon in London called "Eleven Hair" and asked about Caucasian hair and digital perms, as they specialize in them, and they assured me that it would be fine as long as my hair was not bleached or dyed (which it isn't). 
But for now, I am going to go and get the haircut at Hair Korea that I would need anyway to get before the perm. Not sure about risking the perm yet, but here is the style I want: 

so as you can see, very pretty, feminine and cute, with the digital perm giving the half way down soft curls. So for tomorrows hair cut I will just be getting the full front fringe and the layers put through. I might try putting in some loose curls myself with my hair straightener, as I am not sure yet whether to risk the perm or not!! 

Wish me luck! <3 

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