Sunday, October 17, 2010

Art of the Day #3

(click image to view full size) 

This photographic art titled "It's tea time now" is a piece by kaneko-yue, displayed on Deviantart.  The artists states "Some tiny cute things I bought at Bat Trang, Ha Noi, Viet Nam."
I love this picture so much, it is adorable. The lighting and the angles this tiny tea set is placed in make the shot really cute and beautiful. The delicate, fadey effect does wonders to the composition. And then the typography going across the middle, is a lovely touch and in the perfect position. 
This tea set must be so tiny! The background is really excellent, just those blurry light splodges work wonders and helps to bring out the focus on the tea set more. Overall this is a really cute piece, and really well thought out and executed. 
Well done to kaneko-yue, keep up the amazing work <3 And here you can find the link to the original in Deviantart, and you can view kaneko-yue's other works to: Link to original in Deviantart

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