Saturday, October 16, 2010

Art of the Day #2

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This work, titled "Celestial Fruit" is an artwork created in oc and Photoshop by artist minix on Deviantart. 
I came across this piece while randomly browsing Deviantart and I was so drawn to it. I had a really good look and was absolutely amazed. This piece has such a wonderful 'warm' feeling to it, and a lovely atmosphere. The concept is very original, and I really wish I had a huge canvas painting of it to hang on my wall. The colour, lighting and tones used really give this piece such a nice vibe. I feel really happy when I look at this! 

The woman is really beautiful, and my personal impression of this is of a woman who is one with nature and really welcoming. And the fruits in the bowl, because they are over her stomach gives me a feeling like perhaps they are twin babies she is pregnant with. 

The artist's impression of this artwork is as follows: "I was trying to capture that moment when someone suddenly appears in your field of vision and you can really only see their silhouette because your eyes haven't dark-adapted yet. That kind of mysterious, disorienting feeling when you want to see more, but your eyes just won't let you." 

This is a truly brilliant piece of work and I wish minix the best of luck in the future with creating more original and beautiful pieces . Here is the link to the original image in Deviantart, and you can also view minix's other works: Link to original in Deviantart

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