Friday, October 15, 2010

Art of the Day #1

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Well, this is my first Art of the Day entry! 
Here we have the cosplay photo called "Double Trouble", a cosplay of Jessie and James from Pokemon's Team Rocket. This is by cosplayers Malro-Doll and Ryoko, with the picture being displayed by Malro-Doll on Deviantart. I found this piece while looking for interesting cosplay pics on Deviantart, and was absolutely amazed by this! 
Honestly, I was showing all my friends this and they were all "WOW" about it to. It is truly one of the best cosplays I have ever seen. What makes this cosplay so good is the detail in the costumes (especially the wigs) and the lighting when this photo was taken. I am sure that this cosplay sets the utmost standard for  Jessie and James cosplay, I doubt anyone could do any better than this. A fantastic, well thought out cosplay piece, with absolutely no flaws and wonderful cosplay creation. 
Here is the original link to the image on Deviantart, where you can also view Malro-Doll's other pictures of this brilliant Team Rocket cosplay: Link to original in Deviantart

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