Sunday, October 17, 2010

Super Junior Discovery (Korean Boys Band)

So for a while now I have liked "K-pop" or in other words "Korean Pop Music". My interest in this genre of music started off when I discovered an actor and singer, Rain (also knowns as Rain Bi, or Bi Rain). He was very attractive and I loved his music xD. And then gradually I found another band called SHINee which was more of a "Boy Band". SHINee has five members, so it was quite different to the single artist Rain. After I discovered SHINee I then sparked a curiosity to investigate further and I looked up other Korean boy bands. Thats when I came across BEAST/B2ST , 2PM , MBLAQ and Super Junior. Although I didnt really get into Super Junior or the others as far as knowing the band members, I just listened and enjoyed their music.

So today, I watched a video on YouTube of one of super Juniors live concerts of their song "No Other", and I managed to narrow down my two favorite members from watching that video. I didn't actually know any of their names, but I got my best friend who isn't so noobish as me to tell me what their names were based on what time in the video my favorite member was performing in center stage.

The two I narrowed it down to are called Siwon and Kyuhyun. And then i saw this picture of Siwon and BAM....i was totally gone, how could i RESIST?! :

And so now I have officially discovered who my favorite member is ^^ And I think I chose well xD Oh and here is the video of the live concert that I watched to be able to determine my favorite member: 

To watch in high definition click here

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