Friday, July 9, 2010


Back at my mothers house today ^^ Which equals heaps of fast internet :D (we do a one week on, one week off schedule between mum and dads houses, change over is on fridays >_>)

My family...well I will keep it relatively brief. 

My immediate family:
Mother - Maike  (German) (occupation: Nurse, makes herbal remedies and creams)
Father - Cary (Australian) (occupation: IT dude, works for the Wilderness society)
Brother 1 - Erik (14 years old)
Brother 2 - Oscar (6 years old.....yes, me and him have quite an age gap) 

And now it gets a little complex, you see, mum and dad are divorced (for how long? i or two or maybe three years? meh.) and mum is now engaged to a man called Ian, so here is what Ian brought along:

Ian - (age? 40 something...) (occupation: Scientist at the antarctic division, does stuff with whales :D....also has a PHD, and is a mathematician >_> i fail so bad at maths..........ANYWAY)
Step-brother-to-be #1 : Callum (14, Erik's best friend......well that turned out dandy, didnt it? if i could make my best friend my step sister, heh, it would be super)
Step-brother-to-be #2 : Ethan (unsure of age...he is around 10 or 11 i think.....maybe 12?)
Step-brother-to-be #3 : Lemuel (about 8 or 9 i think) 
So because Ian is now engaged to mum, they decided to rent a house together. So of course now there is mum, Ian and all of SIX KIDS in the house.....of which, i am the ONLY GIRL >_> 
Yes it does kinda suck, at times. But hey, i have my own room and i usually hide in there from the chaos anyhow. being the eldest and the only girl does get me some extra bonuses though, like extra money and food etc. 

My dad is now ALSO engaged, he proposed to a woman called Felicity, who is really nice, an out door kinda person with a lot of life, she is good for dad. 

My dad lives on a property of 20 acres , and up the property a bit my grandmother (Joy, dads mum, age...60 something) got a shed built as her 'house', so she lives there. 

My other grandparents, are my Oma and Opa (yesh, German term for grandma and grandpa) who live in Brisbane. My Oma's name is Erika ( just turned 60 i think, or she is like 59) (and NO, mum did NOT name Erik after her, it is pure coincidence) and my Opa's name is Theodore, though people call him Theo (early 60's). I love my Oma and Opa so much, they are very 'cuddly' grandparents i guess, i feel really comfy around them and Oma is so much like mum it is hilarious :D

Then of course there is mums only sibling Ilka, who is an archaeologist who lived in Egypt for 8 years (and sent me email pics of mummies she dug up......which was MOST disturbing >_>) who is married to an arabian man called Alan. They have an apartment in Darwin.

I then havetwo uncles who are dads brothers, Glen and Rob. Glen is somewhat a loner, has no current girlfriend. Rob is with a lovely girl called D'nelle, she loves cats.  Both live in Queensland somewhere.

And that is about it. I will mention though that i am a LOT more familiar with mum's side of the family, i get warm vibes from them.
A Coton de Tulear making the famous "Fren...Image via Wikipedia
I have HEAPS of relatives living in Germany, from Oma and Opas families. Including, two GREAT grandmothers who are still alive and pumping xD Great Oma Hilda and Great Oma Emi, one from each side of the family. There is to many German relatives of mine to go into, but i thought the two great grandmothers deserved an honorable mention ^^

And of COURSE< there is my baby Basil, who is my gorgeous Coton de Tulear dog, i love him so muches <3 Checky the EXAMPLE (no, that is NOT actually Basil.he is CUTER than that <3) pic above of a Coton De Tulear........go google for cuter pics xD

So there we have it, my family. I mentioned them so it is easier for you to understand who is who when i mention them in my future posts xD
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