Friday, July 9, 2010


I cut myself with the razor! D: it shtings.....;___; 
So I am heading into town now to collect my boyfriend for the weekend. He is six months younger than me (LOL), rather tall, skinny (perhaps to skinny.....I must FEED HIM :D), black straight, rather "anime" spiky hair, blueish greenish eyes and freckles. We share a lot of interest and are best friends as well as a romantic couple. My two best friends tease him a lot, they reckon he is gay and girly.......for the record, I dont have any problem with all types of sexuality, i say, if you love 'em, who cares what gender they are? xD

Despite that he is coming over for the weekend........Callum bought some FIFA game for the, he decided to host some FIFA xbox party with 4 of his friends (THATS RIGHT......there will now be TWELVE of us in the house tonight) that may become all a little hectic, ill have to hide in my room with my Bf ;D 

Should i make really long posts, or short, more frequent ones? I it better to compile them all in one long one? meh. 

As far as friends go I have basically two best friends, lets give them the alias's of Aliana and Kirsty. Aliana is from the Philippines (which i did NOT know existed until i met her >_>....yeah....i am geographically challenged) and I have now a huge want to go there with her :D Kirsty is from South Africa.....and I must say, i am NOT so keen to go there with her >_> Dangerous, dangerous place that is from what she has told me (AND AFTER I WATCHED THE STUPID DISTRICT 9 MOVIE....I NEVER WANT TO SEE JOHANNESBURG EVER AGAIN! ;___;). We all go to school together and atm things are good between us. Oh and we play badminton together in a team for school.

Okies I will keep getting ready now to go collect the Bf.....*sigh*......period pain >_< ;___;

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Delibrete said...

ohrly? so you have to pick up this RAY guy huh? interesting alias >.>

I like those photo's of you and your boyfriend and I love that epic drawing you did of that girl. I see you added freckles to her to give her some class.

I like the layout of this blog and some of your songs are ok.

I wonder how many other people are going to see this blog...