Friday, July 9, 2010

Games :D

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To my surprise as I was watching Erik scroll through his list of games on his pc, i saw the LEGENDARY black & White 2 (yesh, TWO :D) to which i was ecstatic, and asked if i could also have it. So he gave it to me and BAM. I am completely hooked on it <3

Black & white was created by the same guy who has recently developed Project NATALL for the Xbox 360, which is coming out later this year *EXCITEMENT* :D he is, simply put, a sheer genius <3

Black & White 2Image via Wikipedia
Check out the epic screen shot. I have a giant wolf currently <3

There is nothing better than playing a game where you control a giant beast with your godly hand (yes, you are a GOD in this game who controls the world :D) and construct towns while eating a lovely bowl of rice <3
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