Thursday, July 8, 2010


AHAH! Take that laptop, you are now fully charged..eheheh. >_>

Well I think this whole blogging thing is quite nifty.......even though i realize a lot of people do not want to hear other peoples random shit...I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND >_> I will not go and romanticize my "random shit" by telling you it is any different from everyone elses....but hey, what can i do? I am just a "normal" (yeah, right >_>) person, not some uber famous superstar that EVERYONE wants to know about...chances are, no one will even read my blog ^^ BUT THAT WILL NOT STOP ME D: I am determined to write this blog anyhow, if not for everyone else, but for myself, to keep track of things...electronic diaries are SO much less effort to update xD
NOTE: I HATE egotistical being a pessimist is no good either, we should appreciate ourselves for who we are, but yeah, NO EGO. Trust me I have experienced enough ego'ness in my lifetime from people around me to make me want to run away from them while screaming like all those poor people in the game Assassin's Creed (well duh..if you see someone get assassinated, what ELSE are you expected to DO?!).....well that is my random bit of info about me for the day.

And seeing as I live in the lovely giant island AUSTRALASIA.......(that is so much COOLER than "AUSSIE") it is now time for me to that will be all for today <3 (I know it is early...i have a cold...and my brother is booting me off the lappy...*KILLS BROTHER*) (and no, he is NOT to young to DIE....14 is fine enough to end ones life, especially via sibling assassination xD)

~ Ciaos! ~

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